About Us

The First Science Center in Central and Eastern Europe

The Csopa Science Center was the first science center, also known as an interactive science playhouse, in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The name “Csopa Science Center” comes from József Öveges, who, in the 1960s when large science centers did not yet exist, imagined such an institution where visitors, primarily children, could interactively discover the “wonders” of science. He named the envisioned institution the Csopa Science Center.

The First 6-Week Exhibition

The currently operating institution owes its inception to the Eötvös Loránd Physical Society and Ernő Rubik. Subsequently, Dr. István Tamás, the founding rector of IBS (International Business School), took over as its financial backer and provided his business management expertise.

Since the beginning, over 5 million people have visited us.

Our Mission

Making Learning an Experience, Sustaining Children's Curiosity

The themes, topics, play areas, tools, Öveges Hall lectures, and experiment demonstrations at the Csopa Science Center are always related to the sciences, primarily the natural sciences, and are professionally credible.

Even though children and adults are increasingly immersed in the virtual world, the tangible, sensory world remains just as fascinating and important. It’s crucial for children to experience the physical reality of this world, engaging all their senses, not just their eyes and ears.

Thus, our mission is to popularize and playfully teach the natural sciences, sustain children’s curiosity across all age groups, and turn the exploration of the world into an experience.

Social Responsibility

Supporting Our Less Fortunate Fellow Citizens

Individuals with disabilities can visit our exhibitions with a symbolic ticket price of only 1000 HUF. We provide complimentary tickets for charity raffles, academic competitions, and disadvantaged children and institutions on an individual basis.

Accessible Building and Exhibitions

When choosing the location for the Csopa Science Center, we made sure it was easily accessible for people with mobility impairments.

Assisting Educators' Visits

For educators (with proof of educator status), we provide free tickets for accompanying groups.

For educators (with proof of educator status), we provide free tickets for accompanying groups. For registered members of our Educator’s Club, we offer a 50% discount on the full adult ticket prices when visiting as individual visitors. You can learn more about the Educator’s Club and its benefits at the following link:

We warmly welcome you to Csillaghegy to the Csopa Science Center, where you can discover the wonderful world around us through play!