Csopa science center general rules

The purpose of these Rules is to ensure a pleasant experience for visitors of the Science Center operated by Csopa Élmény Kft. (hereinafter referred to as “Csopa”), to preserve the safety, health, and physical well-being of visitors, and to maintain the condition of Csopa’s facilities. To achieve these goals, compliance with these General Rules is mandatory for all visitors.
  1. By entering the area of the Csodák Palotája, visitors acknowledge the provisions of the House Rules as obligatory for themselves. Visitors are entitled to visit Csopa, use its games, and avail any of its services only by accepting and adhering to the House Rules.
  2. The entry to Csopa is allowed upon purchasing an entry ticket, which must and can only be validated with the ticket containing a barcode received at the time of purchase. The barcode scanned at the entrance gate authorizes a single entry for the visitor, and the same ticket (barcode) cannot be used for re-entry after leaving the Csopa premises.
  3. In addition to these House Rules, visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of Csopa staff. Csopa is not responsible for the security and integrity of items brought onto the premises by visitors. Visitors acknowledge that they bring their valuables and assets onto the premises at their own risk.
  4. Csopa operates a cloakroom, mandatory for larger bags for security reasons. Csopa does not take responsibility for valuables or items placed in the cloakroom. The cloakroom does not serve as a safekeeping service. The operator cannot accept items placed in the cloakroom according to inventory or value.
  5. Everyone entering the Csopa premises does so solely at their own risk and responsibility. Csopa’s equipment and services can be used only at one’s own risk and responsibility.
  6. Csopa does not undertake the supervision or guardianship of minors and young people. Persons under 18 years of age may enter the Csopa premises only under the responsibility of their legal guardian, while children under 12 years old can only stay and use its games and services under adult supervision.
  7. The entire Csopa premises are under surveillance by cameras.
  8. The interactive parts of Csopa’s attractions can only be used strictly following the instructions provided at the attractions after reading and understanding the instructions. In the case of persons under 18, it is the responsibility of the guardian or accompanying adult to ensure that the child has read and understood the description of each attraction before use.
  9. Every visitor is obliged to take care of the exhibits or items displayed or placed in the Csopa premises, preserve their integrity, and use them according to their intended purpose. Any deliberate or negligent damage caused to the exhibited or placed items or Csopa’s equipment shall be compensated by the individual responsible.
  10. Under no circumstances does Csopa assume responsibility for any damages caused to individuals or visitors’ valuables.
  11. The Richter Gedeon laboratory and the Öveges lecture hall host experiments and sessions that require increased attention. Access to the designated counter or platform area is prohibited for visitors, and they can only cross it with the permission and/or invitation of Csopa staff. Csopa employees can instruct visitors in the Richter Gedeon laboratory and the Öveges lecture hall at any time, and visitors are obliged to follow these instructions.
  12. Entry to the Csopa premises in a state of intoxication or under the influence of intoxicants or other mind-altering substances is prohibited. Persons under the influence of narcotics or other intoxicating substances or inebriated individuals are not allowed to stay on the Csopa premises, even if they possess a valid entry ticket. Csopa staff will deny service to such individuals and escort them out of the premises. Visitors in such cases cannot claim a refund of the entry fee.
  13. Entry to the Csopa premises is prohibited for those suffering from infectious diseases.
  14. It is prohibited to bring piercing or cutting tools, knives, or scissors, weapons, pyrotechnic devices, or any other alarming objects, or any item that endangers the safety of oneself or others onto the Csopa premises.
  15. Explosive materials necessary for the attractions may be present in the Csopa premises! Using an open flame, igniting lighters, or starting a fire in any way is prohibited.
  16. The capacity of Csopa as a whole or its individual units is limited, in accordance with the Decree No. 253/1997 (XII. 20.) of the Government on national spatial planning and building requirements and fire safety regulations. If the maximum capacity of safely evacuable persons in a given area or the entire Csopa is reached, entry will continue based on departing persons. Our institution may restrict entry to the Csopa premises considering the above.
  17. Except for guide dogs, animals are not allowed on the Csopa premises.
  18. Littering on the Csopa premises is prohibited. Visitors are requested to use the provided garbage bins.
  19. Csopa has a first aid kit. In case of injury, discomfort, or any health issues, visitors can report it at the cash desk or to the staff.
  20. Smoking and using e-cigarettes are prohibited on the Csopa premises.
  21. In case of a fire or bomb threat or any other extraordinary event, visitors must follow the instructions of Csopa staff.
  22. Conducting any advertisement or other commercial activities by visitors on the Csopa premises is prohibited.
  23. Only food and beverages purchased on the premises can be consumed, and consumption is allowed only in the café area. Occasional exceptions include meal times during events or tables provided for groups on occasion and by agreement with Csopa staff.
  24. Csopa displays the prices of entry tickets and services on its website (www.csopa.hu) and information boards at the cash desks. Visitors must keep the purchased entry ticket and the accompanying receipt or invoice throughout the visit. Csopa staff may check the entry ticket and related receipts or invoices at any time on the Csopa premises. Visitors without a valid entry ticket are not allowed to stay on the Csopa premises.
  25. Visitors must communicate their VAT invoice request at the time of purchasing the entry ticket, and Csopa cannot issue an invoice retroactively.
  26. We cannot accept complaints after leaving the cash desk.
  27. When availing discounts, using unique payment methods, or utilizing other offers, Csopa staff may request a valid ID for age verification, which visitors are obligated to present. Failure to do so may result in the non-acceptance of the identification-required payment method or the invalidation of the offer.
  28. In the case of a group of children visiting, the responsible accompanying individuals are solely responsible for adhering to and enforcing the House Rules. Persons responsible for groups of children must pay special attention to maintaining the safety of life, preventing accidents, and ensuring property security.
  29. By purchasing the entry ticket, visitors accept and consent to Csopa using photos and recordings taken on the premises for its own advertising and promotional activities freely and without charge. Individuals appearing in photos and recordings cannot make any claims against Csopa, the photographer, or their rightful users. Csopa is entitled to use the recordings and photos taken on the premises, without the separate consent or remuneration of the individuals featured, in any way, for publication in the media.
  30. Visitors can take photographs and videos on the Csopa premises. When capturing recordings and sharing them on social media, visitors are requested to respect the privacy rights of others.
  31. Visitors must leave the Csopa premises at the end of the opening hours.
  32. Csopa visitors are entitled to make comments or complaints about Csopa’s services in the Complaint Book available at the cash desk.
  33. Csopa staff may refuse entry to visitors who do not comply with the House Rules and may, in justified cases, escort them off the Csopa premises after requesting departure. Visitors, in no circumstances, can claim a refund of the entry fee.
  34. Stimulating drinks are served only to those above 14 years of age, and alcoholic beverages during events only to those above 18 years of age. Csopa employees may ask visitors to verify their age. If the visitor fails to do so, the staff cannot serve them.
  35. We kindly ask our visitors to address any feedback, complaints, ideas, or comments related to the visit, Csopa’s scientific experience center, or its services to the Csopa management at info@csopa.hu.
  36. We kindly ask our visitors to leave found items at the cash desk, and lost items can be searched for there.
  37. The House Rules text is available on the www.csopa.hu website.

We wish all of our dear visitors an enjoyable and entertaining time!

Operated by Csopa Élmény Kft.
Budapest, 2023. 11. 30.

We reserve the right to make changes to the content, programs, and ticket prices.