Family program

Come to the Csopa Science Center if you want a joint, memorable family adventure!

The big and the small of the family can find their entertainment with us!
Our games can be enjoyed from the age of 3, but it's a great program for both young kids and teens, while adults have a good time too!
It is worth spending at least 2-3 hours in our several thousand square meter play area!

Everything can happen in Csopa!

  • Get on the strange wheeled car! Will it rumble under you?
  • Go through the Mirror Labyrinth!
  • Mix up your faces!
  • Shake hands with yourselves, with one hand!
  • Sit in a Lunar Rover!
  • Take a selfie with the greatest scientists!
  • Be a part of the 100 in the Giant Kaleidoscope!
  • Stand in the middle of infinity in our Mirror Room!
  • Test your logic!
  • See who among you is the bravest fakir!
  • Take a ride in the Flying Mirror and soar through the clouds!
  • Spin a vortex!
  • Play basketball with an airstream!
  • Be amazed by the science shows on the Öveges stage, 4 times a day!
  • Spin with us in the Richter Gedeon lab. Protective goggles and lab coat up, pipette and tube in the hand, experiment with chemistry!
  • And many more WONDERS can be discovered with us!

We await you on several thousand square meters in Csillaghegy,
with our interactive games!

Spend a day filled with Csopa experiences with us! Come to Csodák Palotája!