For Preschool Groups

We offer scientific adventures for the little ones as well, as our games are enjoyable from the age of 3 and up

Csipet Csopa Path - Scientific Adventure Tour in the Play Area

Our Csipet Csopa Path, marked with little owls, is designed specifically for preschool children. The path includes only tools and attractions that provide enjoyable and carefree entertainment for young children! 


What does the Snippet Preschool Excursion include?

  • Exploration of the interactive equipment on the play area spanning thousands of square meters, primarily recommended for preschoolers through the Csipet Csopa Path (approximately 1.5-2 hours).
  • Viewing of a captivating stage science show by Öveges (approximately 30 minutes).
  • Exciting experiments in lab coats and protective eyewear for each child and accompanying adult in the Richter Gedeon Laboratory (approximately 20-25 minutes, depending on the group size).

All of these are covered by the discounted group admission ticket to Csopa!

The price of the group child/student ticket (for groups of over 15) is 3,500 HUF.

Accompanying educators for the group, if members of our Pedagogue Club, receive free admission. If you’re not yet a member of the Pedagogue Club but would like to avail of the discount, you can register for free on the following page! Register for our online Pedagogue Club now! Csodák Palotája (Palace of Wonders) has its own cloakroom, which is free for groups.
The discounted group tickets allow for a 3-hour visit.

Explore the Csipet Csopa Path even with the youngest ones!

Game NameWhat it Develops
Swirling CoinsFine motor coordination, hand-eye coordination
Dancing BallHand-eye coordination
Shake Hands with YourselfMotor coordination
Polarizing Filter ParrotVisual perception
Versatile HarpTactile perception, development of differentiation
Touch SurfaceTactile perception, development of differentiation
Giant Pan FluteAcoustic differentiation development
Mirror MazeAttention development, visual perception development
Weird Wheel CarMotor coordination
WhirlpoolMotor coordination
Sand DesertHand-eye coordination
Step MazeMotor coordination, balance development, concentration, attention development
Fakir's BedTactile perception development
Moon RoverImagination development

Why is Csodák Palotája a fantastic excursion destination for preschoolers as well?

Csipet Csopa Path in the Play Area!

Our Csipet Csopa Path, marked with little owls, is specifically designed for preschool children. The path includes only tools and attractions that provide enjoyable and carefree entertainment for young children!

Super Accessibility

Our location is in Csillaghegy, at 24 Mátyás király road, easily accessible by public transportation, including the BKV (Budapest Transport Company).The venue is conveniently accessible by public transportation, including the H5 suburban railway (HÉV) from Batthyány tér to Szentendre (stop: Csillaghegy). Additionally, buses 134 and 160 serve the area.

Children Can Bring Snacks!

Groups can bring snacks for the children, and they can enjoy them in a comfortable environment at our premises.

Become Little Scientists at the Richter Gedeon Laboratory!

Put on the lab coats and protective eyewear, and let the exciting experiments begin!

Be Amazed at the Öveges Stage!

Spectacular experiments that will leave the children in awe. Venture into the realm of fire and ice, and even lightning can spark through the room.

Have a fantastic day at Csopa!