For Visitors with Small Children

We offer a scientific adventure for the little ones as well, as our games are enjoyable from the age of 3

Pinch of Csopa Route - Enlightening Adventure Tour in the Play Area

Our Pinch of Csopa route, marked with little owls, is specially designed for preschool-age children. The route includes only tools and attractions that provide enjoyable and carefree entertainment for young children while also contributing to their development!

Explore the Pinch of Csopa route with the little ones!

Game NameWhat it Develops
Swirling CoinsFine motor coordination, hand-eye coordination
Dancing BallHand-eye coordination
Shake Hands with YourselfMotor coordination
Polarizing Filter ParrotVisual perception
Versatile HarpTactile perception, development of differentiation
Touch SurfaceTactile perception, development of differentiation
Giant Pan FluteAcoustic differentiation development
Mirror MazeAttention development, visual perception development
Weird Wheel CarMotor coordination
WhirlpoolMotor coordination
Sand DesertHand-eye coordination
Step MazeMotor coordination, balance development, concentration, attention development
Fakir's BedTactile perception development
Moon RoverImagination development

Bubble Show on the Öveges Stage

We offer an exciting scientific show specifically for young children on Saturdays and Sundays.

Play with soap bubbles at the Bubble Show or listen to a story about science this time!

Bubble Show – every Saturday and Sunday

What is a bubble? Why is it round? How big can the world’s largest bubble be? What makes a water strider stay on the water’s surface? Those who visit our family presentation titled “The Science of Bubbles” will find answers to these questions and more. Let’s learn about the physics of bubbles together! In this spectacular science show, we demonstrate how to create giant bubbles and what makes a bubble glow. The secret recipe for really good bubble solution will also be revealed!

Practical Information for Visitors with Babies and Young Children

  • The Playbar café is happy to microwave baby food.
  • Our exhibition area is fully accessible. Visitors with strollers or wheelchairs, please ask our demonstrators for assistance with the elevators!
  • Our cloakroom operates year-round and is free of charge.

Families Have Written About Us in Our Guestbook

Whenever we come, we have a great time! The kids hardly want to leave! Super place! Thank you."

Super exciting, interesting, and amazingly cool! I could be a kid again. Thank you!


I really liked it, and so did my whole family. I recommend all of it, but especially the Newton exhibition. Even the little ones would really enjoy it."

Juli, 11 years old

We await you with wonders every day!