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Hello, Csopa team, I had great fun today. I am happy that I can find so interesting programmes in my neighbourhood. The interactive table with the number puzzle was my favourite. It was good to see families and individuals playing happy, and being lost in solving riddles. Keep it up!

- J Andris -

Thank you very much, we had a great time here, the lecture was interesting and we have never had the chance to carry out experiments in such a lab. We were astonished literally in the Illusions exhibition.

- Judit -

Hello! András gave a professional lecture and we have enjoyed everything! It was great that you had everything written and told in English, too! Many thanks!

- Aruk and Andris -

Thank you, Kristóf, for guiding us through the Birth exhibition! He was well prepared and authentic. Being a mother of 3 I could still learn from him. His nice manners and accurate knowledge were respectable! Thank you!

- Ildikó -

We participated in very entertaining and amazing sessions during our class trip today. Thank you for your professionalism and attention! It is great that you could bring closer science to children – also physically.

- Zipernovszky Károly Primary School Class 2. b -

I liked the whole together with my family. I recommend all exhibitions but first of all the Newton exhibition as it would suit the youngest as well.

- Juli, 11 years old -

We always come to Csopa with great pleasure but leave with a crying child. It is impossible to finish and leave Csopa!

- J -