Richter Gedeon Laboratory

Experiment with Us at the Richter Gedeon Laboratory!

At the Richter Gedeon Laboratory, everyone can take part in the adventures of wearing white coats and protective eyewear!

Join in the excitement at the laboratory, where the magical world of chemistry unfolds before you! 

Put on your coat, pick up a pipette and a test tube! Perform the thrilling experiments!

How can you experiment with us?

  • Find the Richter Gedeon Laboratory!
  • Put on the coat and protective eyewear!
  • Put on the coat and protective eyewear! Take a fantastic selfie of yourselves in front of the entrance! Stand in front of the selfie wall and capture photos with laboratory equipment and flasks!
  • Then, all that's left is to carry out the colorful experiments using the experiment kit!

Come to Csodák Palotája and experience the joy of successful experiments at the Richter Gedeon Laboratory!

(Visiting the Richter Gedeon Laboratory and experimenting is included in the Csopa admission ticket, no separate reservation is needed for individual visitors or groups.)


Research and innovation have had a key role in the corporate strategy since the year of foundation in 1901. The first researches were carried out by the founder, Gedeon Richter himself in the early 1990s in the laboratory of his pharmacy. The company has developed to the most significant pharmaceutical R+D centre in Central and Eastern Europe with its research and development base of more than 1000 people, investing 10-12% of its turnover in research and development activities.

Richter at the same time supports various school programmes related to natural sciences – in order to encourage the scientific interest of students – to help the supply of professionals in the areas concerned. The educational laboratory established in partnership with Csopa is a perfect place beside classroom lessons to make the world of physics, chemistry and biology attractive to the young even well before they would decide about their career, promoting this way the medical, pharmaceutical or chemistry professions.

We believe that scientists of the future, and researchers of younger generations will also come into the halls of Csopa and therefore in the Gedeon Richter lab and we hope that the experiences here will make more and more young people to choose a scientific career.

Come to the Csopa Science Center and make science selfie and exciting experiment in the Richter Gedeon lab

(The visit of Richter Gedeon lab and the experiment is available with a valid Csopa entrance ticket.)