Take a Look Inside Csopa!

What awaits you at Csopa?

Thousands of square meters of play area

Scientific shows on the Öveges stage four times a day

Experimenting all day at the Richter Gedeon laboratory!

Allocate at least 2-3 hours for your visit, as you can play across thousands of square meters with us!

A visit to Csodák Palotája is recommended even for preschoolers. Our Csipet Csopa Path includes many exciting games specifically designed for this age group!!

For the school-age group and adults, every interactive tool of ours holds a bit of scientific excitement. The uniqueness of our games and the underlying phenomena are explained with simple information boards in both Hungarian and English.

  • Hop on the Curious Wheel car,
  • Hop on the Curious Wheel car, Spin a vortex,
  • Lie on the Bed of Nails,
  • Navigate the Mirror Labyrinth,
  • Soar with the Flying Mirror,
  • Mix up your faces,
  • Take a selfie with our scientists,
  • Sit in a lifelike Moon Rover,
  • Watch our spectacular scientific show four times a day on the Öveges stage!
  • Experiment with us in the Richter Gedeon laboratory!
  • And many more exciting attractions await you!

Recharge with Csopa experiences with us!

A fantastic program for every member of the family!

Take a look inside Csopa through our videos and photos!

Öveges Stage hosts a spectacular scientific show four times a day.

Experiment with us at the Richter Gedeon Laboratory!