Teachers' Club

Teachers’ club at csopa science center!

From this year we try to help teachers with a new service, to make them possible to get familiar with Csopa before the planned visit and as club members to get direct information about our special discounts.

Why is it worth registering to csopa teachers’s club?


  • free entrance when accompanying a group
  • 50 % off from the entrance ticket when arriving individually (valid teacher ID/employer’s certificate is needed)
  • our weekly newsletters will inform you about the novelties in Csopa

You can be a member

  • if you have a valid teachers’ ID, ory
  • a written confirmation issued and stamped by the educational institution (available for download below) that we accept if presented together with a valid official document bearing a photo and suitable for identification (ID card, driving licence, passport etc.)
If you register, you will get a card verifying your membership, that is accepted if shown together with your teachers’ ID/written confirmation issued by your employer.We call your attention that the validity of the teachers’ ID or confirmation from the employer will be checked at the desk!

Sample confirmation

Register now, and utilize our extra services available for teachers!